Is it possible to declare residency with a P.O. box?
No serious mailbox renter provides addresses for declaration of residency. We will help you get full control over your mail, no matter where you live. All you have to do is report the address to the tax authority (Swedish “Skatteverket”) as a separate address. You can download the form here. We will gladly answer your questions about this.

Can I send somebody else to pick up my mail?
Yes, another person may pick up your mail, provided that they know your P.O. box number and your access code that you chose upon registration.

Will my information be disclosed to government agencies?
No, we will not disclose your information to any government agencies or any system index.
Exceptions apply in the event of court order by prosecutors, which may legally force us to disclose up-to-date information about your mailbox.

How many keys will I get to the mailbox?
One key is included, there for you can purchase additional keys for 100 SEK each.

How much is mail forwarding?
We charge 19 SEK fee per forwarding (quoted fee excludes any applicable postage)
Scanning of mail is offered at the rate of the first 10 pages at 29 SEK, and following pages at 1 SEK each.

What happens to incoming mail received after the termination of the leasing period?
The mail will be destroyed in a safe and secure manner.

How can I cancel my mailbox?
Two months before your rental period is over, we will put an invoice in your mailbox. If the invoice is not paid after two reminders, we will register it as a cancelation. If you have paid a deposit for the key, we will pay it back to you if the key is returned before the end of the rental period.